Vermont South Special School teaches children who have been diagnosed as having a mild intellectual disability. This means they have a ‘full scale intelligence quotient’ (IQ) between 50 and 70. 

Unlike a mainstream school where children can be enrolled almost immediately, the process of a new enrolment in a specialist school is a little more complex.

The process usually involves a visit to the school by parents or carers. These visits can be quite lengthy because invariably the parents have questions and concerns, and need to be informed of the eligibility criteria for entry to the school.

To establish eligibility, assessments are required, as well as additional supporting documentation. These involve the services of an Educational Psychologist, and often Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist. Our staff can organize all of these assessments.

Following the assessments, an Educational Needs Questionnaire (ENQ) is completed at a meeting attended by the parents and members of Vermont South Staff. The results from the ENQ dictate the level of funding that the individual child will be granted.

For a child to enrol at a specialist school they need to be receiving Education Department funding through the Program for Students with a Disability (PSD).

The process of establishing eligibility can appear quite daunting to parents, but we are there to help make this process run as smoothly as possible and are with you every step of the way.

Visitors looking at options for their children are most welcome and only need to phone to arrange a time. For further information please contact our School Liaison Officer Mrs. Kate Russo on 9802-8199.