Student Wellbeing and Engagement - Personal Safety

The Personal Safety program we use at Vermont South Special School is called Wise Child. This program has been designed to provide children with the skills to cope in situations where they may be at risk of harm. We realise that there are times we cannot always be there to provide protection for our children.

What is Personal Safety?

Personal safety is building resilience and confidence in children to help them problem solve and identify strategies in order to prevent harm and abuse. It teaches children how to identify and avoid risky situations.

Why a Personal Safety program?

We want children to:

• identify what is right and wrong, and what to do if they have concerns; 
• take notice of their feelings; 
• develop good observation and problem solving skills to stay safe in emergencies; 
• be strong and confident in the knowledge that they have the right to be safe at all times; and 
• have the resources and networks to call on if they have concerns or are in danger.