Teaching & Learning - Middle Section

Middle School is an exciting place to be. The program builds upon skills and interests that have been developed in Juniors and offers exciting opportunities and challenges for students to grow and flourish as individuals.

Middle School fosters academic, social and behavioural learning through programs designed to suit individual student needs.

There is a strong focus on investigation through English with explicit learning of skills promoting independence. Technology supports and enhances all areas of learning in the curriculum and is a vital tool within the classroom and skill based computer sessions.

Differentiated maths groups focus on providing challenges and scaffolded, sequential learning across number, measurement, space and statistics/probability.

Middle School promotes independence, encourages self-management, fosters self-esteem and positive attitudes, and consolidates learning in a safe, secure and happy environment.

Many wonderful experiences are provided including a three day Blackwood Camp, Bike Education and opportunities for whole school events such as Athletics Day, School Concert and the School Fete.