Teaching & Learning - Physical Education

The Physical Education program aims to develop enthusiasm for physical activity, to give encouragement to lead an active lifestyle and to master a broad range of motor skills.

Each student receives three class sessions per week to participate in physical education activities with our energetic teacher, Miss Mac. Depending on the age group, this may include a skill session, sport session and a fitness session.

• Skill session - the Phys Ed program focuses on the 11 fundamental motor skills where each skill is addressed and developed over the course of the year.
• Sports Education - this involves partner, group and team games. Skills worked on in these sessions are participation, turn taking, sharing equipment, game skills and having fun.
• Fitness – this ranges from the Gym Mix / PMP program for the younger students to circuit and fitness drills for the middle and senior students. Dancing is also included in the program.

Students from Juniors through to Seniors also partake in Bike Education for a set block of time during the year.

Throughout the year, students experience and participate in several whole school sporting events such as Jump Rope for Heart, Footy Day, Athletics Carnival and other special events such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.