Teaching & Learning - Curriculum Overview

Something Special in Essential Learning Standards is a thoroughly researched and comprehensive educational program based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and has been designed for students at Vermont South Special School.

The Victorian Essential Learning Standards is a framework based on the premise that there are three components of curriculum strands that enable students to meet the demands of a modern, globalised world. These strands are Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Discipline-based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning. Within each strand the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours are organised into domains with further divisions into dimensions.

The program includes a Readiness Section to capture the early learning necessary for students.

The learning standards for each dimension are specific to the needs of students with a mild intellectual disability.

This document ensures a sound basis for Individual Educational Planning and facilitates the formulation of goals and objectives for Student Support Groups. The Standards are the outcomes against which the student achievement and progress is measured.

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